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In five complicated and unsettling steps this video is a full-blown parody of a relationship from the blissful beginning to its woeful end.

A remix of two naive young couples from industrial films highlight a recurrent path as they travel through typical dysfunctional love affairs. The main headliners, however, are candy hearts, unseen text messagers and deceptive ransom love notes that facilitate typical expressions of amorous doom.

8 minutes  58 seconds

Selected garbage clips, such as counters, leaders, scratches, burns, dust and random visuals accidentally created over time, have been gathered from discarded Americana educational and industrial films and re-assembled into four minutes of colorful, glittering abstraction. This non-narrative mishmash - loosely constructed to mimic the formula and pace of a movie- has been constructed to create a purely sensory experience personal to the viewer.

4 minutes  22 seconds

A mysterious oblong television set is your personal guide through the far reaches of outer space as it guides you through a series of animated scenes. Along this journey, our guide presents a number of downsized robots whose purposes and functions are not exactly known.

3 minutes  14 seconds

Assembled from obsolete electronic components, The Four Tech Bots of the Apocalypse wreak total destruction upon the earth with extreme prejudice. Each in its turn, Pestilence, Famine, War and Death pass judgment and prepare to send mankind's most precious possessions straight to Hell -- with sword... with hunger... with Death... and by the beasts of the earth.

4 minutes  25 seconds

With Mercury astronaut John Glenn at the controls, time and space converge in a cosmic and spiritual quest for immortality. With the help of his trusted capsule Friendship 7, three assigned NASA astro-angels, and a mysterious circular object, John explores the darkest regions of outer space in search of truth, knowledge and purity.

3 minutes  45 seconds

Join several US Presidents in a thumping rock and roll sing-a-long that will get your toe tapping and your heart pounding. Straight from their mouth’s to your brain... This one’s for you, America.

It’s balls to the wall time, folks. Because you can’t spell “America” without “me.” Rock on, USA!

1 minute  38 seconds

Davison Grant Genetics employees approximately 1,500 dedicated Davison Grant Genetics regional and pharmaceutical representative world wide. Most have personally reaped the benefits from our remarkable innovations. In this video, hear Shanti Black talk about her personal background and how our company has enriched her life.

3 minutes  40 seconds

Real white people, not actors!

Families… you can’t pick them, right? Project an incestuous cluster of white flight into the gene pool and you get The Great White American Home Movie.

Taken from an array of YouTube videos (including the artist’s own family films), this work is a remix of amateur home movies that sets the table for the dysfunction and indisposition of the “perfect” Caucasian family. Additionally layered with various psychological labels indicating what is actually behind the mask, The Great White American Home Movie has been digitally glitched and contorted for your dissonant viewing pleasure.

5 minutes 30 seconds

Robert Dohrmann

Remix / DIY Artist-Human